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Nothing is more rewarding than the journey you take with your child

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy focuses on developing your student's authentic passions, talents and skill sets that will set them apart in the competitive application process. More importantly, our programme teaches your student crucial life skills and empathy while preparing them to be active, contributing members of society.

How do we do this? Through our unique creative process, we help your student find their voice, purpose and strength, and can better prepare them for the college application process. Our approach focuses beyond the essay, standardized tests and college applications.


At Concierge College Consultants we will help your student shine so they are "defining their own journey" and can achieve their fullest potential. We work with students to discover their passion and guide them through the process of starting a project, delving into research or diving into an interest that will separate your student from their peers. We believe that when students lead their own projects and innovate, they learn critical skills like leadership, empathy and compassion that will serve them in college and beyond.


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