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"Working with Concierge College Consultants for only four months, my child was awarded an $8500 merit summer study abroad scholarship which is unheard of for a ninth grader!  CCC also worked with our younger child and secured acceptances at two competitive private high schools."

-- Susan, Chicago 2017

"Our family is so grateful for the advice our daughter received from Concierge College Consultants. She received an International Merit Study Abroad Scholarship, and we believe this contributed to her admission to Princeton University.  She also won a fully funded GAP year program worth $60,000 with the guidance of Concierge College Consultants. Our daughter has won $70,000 in life-changing opportunities.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

--Janice, Chicago 2016

"When my child was deferred from their Early Decision school and we had a two week deadline looming, we worked with Concierge College Consultants. My child was accepted to highly selective schools and Ivy Leagues and is thrilled to be at Duke and is incredibly successful! CCC is also working with my other children helping them highlight and develop their unique talents and passions. Thank you CCC!”

 --Alison, NYC 2016

"My husband and I are delighted that we worked with Concierge College Consultants. The outcome for our children is spectacular: our daughter graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and our son is a current student. Two children made it to the Ivy League! Our children's hard work coupled with CCC's unique credentialing program helped them standout out in the application process. My son and daughter learned valuable life skills and are humble leaders. What more could a parent hope for?" 

 --Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 2015  

"The Counselor possessed highly expert knowledge of unique enrichment programs, both for the summer and during the school year, to enhance and develop student skills and talents based on that student’s individual passions, be they STEM, art or humanities. These programs provided an invaluable advantage in showcasing student’s talents to colleges and setting them apart from other applicants."

 --B.J, Chicago 2016

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think my daughter would be accepted to Harvard!"

-- Lori, Scottsdale 2017 

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